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AID2BOSNIA. Update December 2016.

Many of you will know that my beloved and courageous Joe went to Heaven on 20 March 2015. We gave him the best sendoff possible in a full Bourne Abbey Church on 31 March 2015 having received him into our equally packed RC Church the night before. Joe spent his whole life preparing for where he is now, taking me on an amazing 46 year adventure with him in the process. I always was and still am SO proud of him.

A few years ago there were 6 of us working as a team in Bosnia, raising money here, helping refugees there. Things are very different now. Agnes, John and Joe are all in Heaven. Annie is fighting hard very serious cancer. Prayers please for Annie. That leaves me, Felicity. How could I carry on, on my own. I felt I could not ... but I never closed the Charity or the Bank Account down, though I emptied the bank account sending money to struggling refugees I knew of in Camp Tasovcici, except for £5!

Joe and I always worked on the Starfish principle, if you know the story, helping one person or family at a time. On that principle, we couldn't bring the whole Camp here but, 3 months before he died, we did bring one precious couple here thanks to our dear friend, Sheila, who offered them a home with her for their first 13 months. They came to make a new life and it has worked so well for them, not without difficulty, but wonderfully well. Joe married this couple in Bosnia on 3 May 2009, before collapsing with septicaemia at the Reception and nearly dying. His survival was just one of his Miracles in 7 1/2 years as he succumbed to one life threatening illness after another. His huge courage and will caused him to fight back to health time after time till the last illness which sadly, this time, he couldn't win. This precious couple and their two little boys are making such a success of life here and, two years on, the children are like little English boys now, all of them as family to me. I still have a lot to thank God for personally. Joe knew they were here and we were both so happy for that. Joe would be SO proud of them now. We couldn't bring the whole camp here but for this family, life has changed for the better for ever and their little boys will never know what it felt like to be refugees as their parents did from being small children.

Recently, a very good friend of mine started questioning me about Bosnia. Then she said she had looked on the internet and could see the needs in that country were still so great. Bosnia is long forgotten with so many other parts of the world in such severe trouble. Camp Tasovcici still exists. It is half demolished by the authorities, a derelict place not fit for people to live in. The facilities are almost non-existent and no charities go into the camp now. Where once 136 families lived in those awful tin huts, now 50 families are stuck there with very little hope of anything changing for them, 21 years since the War in the former Yugoslavia ended.

So, thanks to my friend Helen and her enthusiasm to work with me for Bosnia, the fundraising begins again! Our first event will be a Grand black tie Dinner/Dance in Bourne Corn Exchange on 17 December 2016. Let the Christmas celebrations begin! We have more ideas for the New Year! We still want to change lives, one family at a time. Watch our NEWS here! I'm still thanking God for so many things and trusting Him for all that is to come.


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Thursday 26 March 2009: We are getting excited and planning to be at Nensi and Vinko's Wedding on Sunday 3 May. Joe is doing so well with his cardiac rehab and our long walks that everything for this trip is now in place.



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