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Friday 17 July 2009 - update

Friday 17 July 2009 - update

Charitable Status ... AND Fundraising

We have at last been given charitable status by the Inland Revenue! That is cause for celebration! We saw no need to choose a new name so will be known by the same name we chose for this website originally, some three years ago.

We are now recognised by the Inland Revenue as:

Charity No XT16040

With Deacon Joe being so ill in the last nine months, we have been so grateful to our friend, Tim Howe, for organising this for us and for getting involved as a Trustee. We had our first meeting of Trustees in Bourne on 12 March and the Trustees of the newly formed 'AID2BOSNIA' as a Charity are:

Deacon Joe and Mrs Felicity Rogan
Mr Tim Howe
Mrs Annie Burrett

We now have a great need to fundraise but, because of Joe's health problems, are not yet able to do so as we have in the past ie giving talks, latterly with powerpoint, to any Church, School or organisation where we have been invited ... anywhere!

However, the needs are still so great and we particularly need to raise money for the following:

THE LORRY - we have a driver for the lorry of aid we have been collecting and we need to raise about 2000 to cover expenses such as fuel so that the lorry can go as soon as possible. The lorry contents will be received by the Red Cross for Janet Leff and she will be the chief distributor of the aid to those who will benefit most in and around Medjugorje, Capljina and Mostar. We know the contents are just what has been asked for ie sewing machines, knitting machines and tools for every trade imaginable. All of this will help people to work to create income - which has to be the way forward, helping people to become self-sufficient, when there is so little work and no benefits system in place. All the other humanitarian aid requested will be there including medical aid.

If anyone reading this NEWS-flash could send us a contribution towards the fuel, we would be most grateful. If this donation can be gift-aided, please contact us via e-mail and we will provide you with a Gift Aid form.

THE HOUSE THAT VINKO BUILT - this beautiful house that Vinko has built with his own hands needs to have the outside rendered to protect it from the elements in the winter. The house is on a hill so rather exposed. We would hope for this to happen before the coming winter this year. Nensi and Vinko's Wedding was so WONDERFUL but six weeks later they were involved in a terrible car crash that was not their fault. They are recovering now but we particularly want to help them to finish the house before winter.

If anyone would like to help Vinko finish his house, please send donations to us and ask for Gift Aid forms if appropriate.

ANY DONATION is welcome, no matter how small, because if a lot of people send just a little that will create all that is needed. However, LARGE donations are always welcome!

If you visit Medjugorje, ask at the Church for Janet Leff and she will direct you to see the work being carried out and the great needs of the people still suffering in Bosnia.

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  Friday 17 July 2009 - update


Charitable Status ... AND Fundraising


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