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Aid 2 Bosnia

Welcome to Aid 2 Bosnia

In September 2006, launched the following April, we chose the name Aid2Bosnia as an 'umbrella' title for this website describing the work of a variety of individual aid workers and Charities who, having seen the needs in Bosnia, had decided to get involved and to help. We said then, Aid2Bosnia is bringing together in one place, this website, descriptions and up-to-date information about aid that is being given to Bosnia, a country that has suffered so much as a result of the War that took place in the former Yugoslavia, 1992-1995. For so many the suffering still goes on, now, so many years since the War has ended. We hoped the website would do a lot of good and it would seem it has - we have had some excellent feedback!

Then, we had no plans to turn AID2BOSNIA, into a charity because we felt we were 'up front' people, doing the work, and we did not think we would be disciplined enough to run a charity of our own without lots of legal and financial accounting support. Amazingly, during the time of Joe's such serious and life-threatening illness from November 2008, this was when a very good friend did everything to create our very own charity and all the support we needed was then in place! How could we 'stop' our work because of Joe's illness when we had become a charity! Of course, we had to choose a name and, after much thought, discussion AND prayer, we knew there was no better name for our charity than AID2BOSNIA so that is the name and our Charity No is XT16040, registered with the Inland Revenue, able to Gift Aid and reclaim tax from Gift-aided donations. We are 4 Trustees, ourselves, Annie Burrett and Tim Howe, and we meet several times a year. So something very wonderful had happened as Joe was recovering from the initial illness and surgery and now, 4 years on, and other serious illnesses having been dealt with also, he is now 'almost' back to normal. Miracles all round!!!!!

Our philosophy could be described as follows: as Christians, we are called to serve. The desire to serve is reflected in the charitable work described here on this Aid2Bosnia website. Different circumstances might have meant that it was ourselves who were suffering as the result of War. It could have been us crying out for someone, anyone, to help us. For us, once the cry from Bosnia had been heard, once we had seen how it actually was there, we could not turn our backs and just walk away. We had to help - and you can read here how many other people have heard those cries and have decided to get involved as well.

If you are aware of others helping Bosnia or if you are helping already, perhaps you would like to get in touch so that this website can continue to grow and grow ... spreading the word ... being links in a chain ... all for the benefit of people in Bosnia who are still suffering now - April 2012.


Latest News:

  Friday 17 July 2009 - update

Charitable Status ... AND Fundraising
  Return from Bosnia - May 2009
  Preparing to be in Capljina for Nensi and Vinko's Wedding
Thursday 26 March 2009: We are getting excited and planning to be at Nensi and Vinko's Wedding on Sunday 3 May. Joe is doing so well with his cardiac rehab and our long walks that everything for this trip is now in place.



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